Chat: Still inspired by the Olympics six months on?

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Olympic Stadium

It's six months since the amazing summer of sport kicked off with the Olympics and Paralympics.

While we all loved the top sporting action, the wider aim of the games was to "inspire a generation" and get more young people into taking up sport.

But politicians, sports stars and coaches have all expressed concerns about whether or not that's happened.

Are you still inspired?

We asked you: are you still inspired by the games? Or are the gold medals now distant memories?

Are you and your friends doing more sport now? Or maybe you think there's been little change?

Your comments

"We're not inspired by the Olympics. We live in east London but we don't see any changes so far - it was only exciting for two weeks and now everything's back to normal. We want a kids' Olympics on TV to inspire us!"

Class 7D, Langdon Park School, London, England

"We think that the Olympics are still around as we try to think about them as much as we can. We are still inspired because it was in England and there are lots of good events to take part in at school. They have inspired our school and the children to become sportspeople."

Year 5 Pioneers, St Mary's Academy, Suffolk, England

"I was upset when the Olympics finished, but inspired by how hard all the athletes worked and performed."

Georgia, Midlothian, Scotland

"After the Olympics we wanted to do more sport and exercise, and be future British Olympians."

Year 5MC, Woodthorpe Primary School, South Yorkshire, England

"We loved the Olympics and we both went to see the athletics and the closing ceremony. We thought it was amazing and it was organised well. Can't wait for 2016 in Brazil. Team GB made Great Britain proud. It also had a great atmosphere! It has definitely inspired us to be what we want to be when we are older! No way have we forgotten about it!"

Charlotte and Dot, Torquay, England

"I was inspired by Greg Rutherford because he came to my school!"

Grace, Milton Keynes, England

"I'm definitely still inspired by the games I now pay a lot more interest in sports at school and work really hard in my swimming lessons."

Elana, Reading, England

"I have taken up archery after seeing Larry Godfrey."

Euan, England

"I don't really think about the Olympics but if someone brings them up I do remember the great things that happened."

Emma, England

"I'll never forget about the Olympics. It's the best sporting event in the world."

Arwen, Coventry, England

"I still feel deeply inspired by the Olympics and have taken up running."

Ellen, Hertford, England

"I still feel inspired because I have joined my swimming club and do more exercise!"

Harriet, London, England

"Me and my friend have both joined athletics clubs and when I joined the beginners class was huge! I think about the Olympics (and Paralympics) every night and have loads of souvenirs. In my opinion the politicians are worrying about nothing, I definitely think the Olympic legacy still stands."

Jessica, London, England

"I loved the Olympics and I've been inspired by the games!"

Louisa, Cambridge, England

"I'm definitely still inspired. I'm an athlete. I love doing the 400m and I do athletics training every week. My biggest dream is to be an athlete at the Olympics!"

Molly, South Yorkshire, England

"The Olympics inspired me to not give up even if you're different."

Shannon, London, England

"I am still inspired by the Olympics. My friends are doing more sport. I have started to take up many sports."

Rachel, Barnsley, England

"I have taken up cycling after the Olympics because of Chris Hoy."

Zak, Bedworth, England

"When the Olympics started my whole family felt excited, but now my friends and I have just moved on."

Amelia, Moy, Northern Ireland

"I have totally forgotten about the Olympics."

Megan, Cramlington, England

"I was inspired to do more horse riding."

Purple, Leicestershire, England

"Ever since the Olympics I have worked hard in my PE lessons and am trying to get into school teams."

Richard, Hitchin, England

"I haven't forgotten the games and I was inspired."

Matthew, Eaglescliffe, England

"I'm still inspired but it's really hard to find a club. London 2012 was very inspiring. Love you, Team GB."

Molly, London, England

"I am definitely still inspired. Straight after the games, I joined a gymnastics club."

Florence, London, England

"I'm still inspired by the Olympics, my favourite sport is running."

Chris, Coleraine, Northern Ireland