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Brazil tower block given colourful makeover

A tower block in Brazil is given a bright, colourful makeover as an artist paints a mural on its side.
The artist decided to paint the building voluntarily as a tribute to the architect.
The tower block stands out with its bright mural next to other more mundane tower blocks.
The mural is being painted by artist Eduardo Kobra and his assistants. Layers of colour are added with a sprayer called an airbrush.
An artist close to the side of the building sprays the wall with an airbrush.
The mural forms a picture of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. He was 104 years old when he died in December.
A close up of the mural shows a man's face merged with abstract shapes and bright colours.
Check out this brightly coloured tower block in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The mural on the side is being spray painted by hand!
An ordinary concrete tower block in Sao Paulo with one side brightly painted.
The tower is 56 metres tall and the artist has to use a window cleaner's cradle to ride up and down the side of the building to reach every spot.
The artist rides a window cleaner's cradle down the side of the building.