Video: Snow closes thousands of schools

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Joe joins some kids on their 'snow day'

More snow and ice means thousands of schools have been closed across the UK.

More than 5,000 schools shut, including about 800 in East Anglia, 500 in the West Midlands and 600 in West Yorkshire.

Weather experts issued a yellow snow warning, with 10-20cm falling in parts of in northern England and the Scottish Borders.

There was also an ice warning for eastern and southern England and south Wales.

It means lots of children are enjoying an extended weekend. Let us know What are you doing in the snow? here.

Travel disruption

Another blast of cold weather has caused lots of problems on the roads as well.

The Highways Agency, which looks after the country's major roads, said smaller roads have been very icy and slippery.

Trains in eastern and southern England have been cancelled and delayed.

Heathrow Airport in London has cancelled about 175 flights. It follows more than 250 flight cancellations at Heathrow on Sunday, leaving some people stuck on planes for hours waiting to take off.

The country is set to freeze for a bit longer, with the wintry weather due to continue into the week.