The best fun things to do when it snows

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Girl throws snowballAP

Much of the UK is getting covered in the snow and thousands of schools have been closed, so many of you have the day off!

So the Newsround team have come up with five fun things to do in the snow...

Make sure you take care when out in the snow and wrap up warm. Make sure you're always accompanied by a parent or guardian.

1. Build a snowman

The classic snow activity. What you'll need: a carrot for the nose, some stones for the eyes (and buttons if you have extra), two long twigs for the arms, and a hat and a scarf! And lots of snow, of course.

SnowmanNewsround ugc
Newsround viewer Orla with her snowman

2. Have a snowball fight

A great thing to do with a group of friends. How big a snowball can you make?! But remember to play nice and don't hurt anyone!

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Watch the world's biggest snowball fight in Seattle, USA

3. Make a snow angel

Lie down on your back in fresh snow, and then move your arms up and down and your legs in and out - like you're doing a star jump lying down.

When you get up, you'll see a shape in the snow that looks like an angel!

Woman doing snow angelPA
Making a snow angel

4. Go sledging

Boys sledgingPA
Sledging. Serious fun.

All you need is a sledge and a (not too steep) slope. Sledging can be done on your own or in pairs, or you could even have a race with your friends.

But make sure you take care and find a slope with no obstacles like rocks or big plants.

5. Snowflake watching

Snowflakes can be amazingly intricate

Snowflakes are all different shapes - in fact, two identical snowflakes have never been found. Cool a piece of black paper in the freezer or outside, then catch snowflakes on it and use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at them.