Chat: Are you off school due to snow?

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Nel reports from snowy south Wales

Thousands of schools across the UK closed on Friday because of snow - and we wanted to hear what you were up to!

A rare red warning for snow from Met Office weather forecasters has been in place for parts of south Wales.

It means severe disruption is likely and any travel that isn't essential should be avoided.

Most of the UK is expected to see some of the white stuff on Friday, with up to 30cm predicted to fall in high-up areas.

Some train companies cancelled services and changed their timetables.

Lorries have been out putting grit on roads - grit stops ice from forming and causes existing ice or snow to melt.

We asked you if you were off school because of the snow - and if so, what you were up to. Here's some of your comments below:

Your comments


"When our teacher told us that we were going home early the cheer from my class was deafening!"

Will, Oxfordshire, England

"Snow, glorious snow! I love it! I have been sledging today with my friend and my dog! I was so excited when I heard that my school was closed because of the snow!"

Tottie, Salisbury, England

"I have had a half day today so I'm going to drink lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows, have a snowball fight and maybe even go sledging down the big hill! :)"

Nicola, Harrow, England

"There's been a massive blizzard here! They had to close the school at 12noon so I'm off to sledge and build snowmen!"

Menna, Bangor, Wales

"It's finally snowed and my school has closed! I have missed my swimming lesson at school so I'm quite sad."

Daisy, Dorset, England

"I'm so glad school finished early and I am missing a French test (woohoo)."

Samihah, Birmingham, England

"It's fun but I miss my friends and I am a bit bored. I made a great snowman with my dad."

Xavier, Bournemouth, England

"I haven't got school today so I'm going to build a snowman, go sledging and drink hot chocolate afterwards."

Harni, London, England

"Lots of snow here! Got the day off school too!"

Lacey, Cardiff, Wales

"My school has closed due to heavy snow. I thought we weren't going to get any but luckily we did!"

Hayley, Hampshire, England

"My school has been shut all week so I've had a 7 day weekend! It's so good!!"

Agatha, Norwich, England

"It is so snowy here, I feel like I'm at the North Pole! Best thing is that I am off school. Can't wait until my family get back from work to have a big snowball fight."

Billy-Joe, Gwent, Wales

"It has been snowing but not enough to stay off school, I am very sad."

Lauren, Rotherham, England

"I was at school for 2 hrs and 25 minutes but now I'm home in the warm."

Phoebe, Aylesbury, England

"I went into school this morning but because of the snow, they called our parents and we went back home."

Tom, Hove, England

"It started snowing at 5am and by sunrise there was loads of snow and my school is closed! It is practically a blizzard!"

Leo, Salisbury, England

"It has finally snowed in Penarth so my school is shut. I'm so happy!"

Amy, Penarth, Wales

"My brother, my mum and I are off school today and we might be going sledging later."

Lydia, Wolverhampton, England

"It's snowing quite heavily where I am but I wish I was at school - then I could have snowball fights with my friends."

Alice, Bristol, England

"My school is closed today. We have loads of snow, I can't wait to play in it!"

Libby, Cardiff, Wales

"I'm off school today so I'm hoping to build a snowman."

George, Lancashire, England

"I have been off school for nearly two days now. It's great fun playing in the snow and having snowball fights. I love it!"

Nia, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"It looks like a snow blizzard here so the teachers have finally agreed that we can have the day off! YAY!"

Chloe and Adam, Surrey, England

"I love playing in the snow! My school has been closed today and I'm so happy. I'm going to spend the whole day sledging with my friends."

Ruby, Salisbury, England

"It hasn't been snowing here at all and we are in school! It's not fair! We wish it would snow so we could stay at home and watch TV and have fun in the snow!"

Georgia and Lydia, Cornwall, England

"I have got school today but our head teacher said it's going to be slippery so we cannot go outside."

Amir, London, England

"It's snowing really heavily but I am in school! We are going home at 12."

Eve, Liverpool, England

"The snow has made the boiler freeze at my school so we have got the day off."

Caitlin, Hull, England

"It's only just started snowing in Chester but my school is closed today. I'm off with my dad so we made a snowman."

Holly, Chester, England

"My school isn't closed, it's freezing and the air conditioner is on instead of the heater. We are FREEZING!"

Sally, Rotherham, England

"It hasn't been snowing here at all so I have to go to school."

Celia, Dundee, Scotland

"It's snowing but I still have school. Maybe we can play in the snow for playtime or lunchtime but the dinner ladies always put us inside our classes."

Talitha, London, England

"It started snowing at 5am."

Eveie, Port Talbot, Wales

"It hasn't snowed where I live, which is SNOW annoying especially since the weather forecast had predicted it. I want at least one day off school!"

Jack, Sunningdale, England

"It is full of snow where I live."

Phoebe, Maesteg, Wales

"It's been very heavy here in Hereford. I woke up this morning and could see all the roads covered and all the cars. The forecast says that it will continue to snow. Maybe no school?"

Alice, Hereford, England

"We're off school since our school bus can't get here. All my friends are going have a snowball fight, yay."

Kristal, Cardiff, Wales

"It has snowed overnight where I live and our schools our closed. My sisters and I can't wait to make snowmen! :)"

Brooklyn, Bristol, England

"It has been snowing quite a lot and I have been on my sledge. But it still says school is on! Plus most schools around us are closed, it's not fair."

James, Solihull, England

"It is snowing still in Halifax but still have to go to school because people have exams. :("

Chloe, Halifax, England


"It has been snowing here very heavily, but not too heavy for our school to be closed. All my form was hoping it would be closed."

Shreena, Leicester, England

"We have no snow here so our school is open. I'm very jealous of everyone else having free days in the snow while we are still at school."

Lucy, Cornwall, England

"It has been snowing but unfortunately school hasn't been closed! The worst thing is we're not allowed to have a snowball fight which really sucks."

Matt, Kent, England

"We haven't had any days off school yet. There's not a lot of snow and everyone wants a day off! Hopefully we will get at least one day off!"

Kareena, Coventry, England

"Apparently it's going to snow loads tomorrow [Friday] so hopefully we can go home early!"

Emma, Kent, England

"No snow yet but we all have our fingers crossed for tomorrow [Friday]!"

Cecile, Bristol, England

"It has snowed really badly here but school is still on. I don't think it will be on tomorrow [Friday] and we might get snowed in."

Jamie, Sheffield, England

"There is no snow at all where I live but we are forecast some tomorrow [Friday] and we might get the day off school then!"

Kate, West Sussex, England

"There has been loads of snow at my home and I have not been to school for the last week."

Milly, Brecon, Wales

"I have been off school for the week, it's boring because I miss my friends."

Isabella, Brecon, Wales

"It's fun being able to play in the snow but a bit annoying that our parents can't come out as well because they are still working."

Elysia, Norfolk, England

"It hasn't snowed much in Ipswich so my school is staying open, but it's like being on a ice rink when I walk to school."

Alex, Ipswich, England