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Pictures: Forget Where's Wally... where is Momo?

A Canadian dog owner has got the world looking for his Border Collie Momo, who is craftily hidden in his photos.
Momo the dog is missing! But don't worry he hasn't gone far...
Momo the dog
Momo the dog belongs to Andrew Knapp, who is from Ontario in Canada. Can you see Momo?
Momo hiding in a tree stump
Now, people from all over the world are looking for Momo.
Momo hiding at a church
Andrew says he hopes to turn the hunt for Momo into a book.
Momo hiding in a motel
Momo likes hiding, so Andrew decided to take photos of him in his favourite hidey-holes.
Momo the dog hiding in a hut
Andrew ended up taking 100 photos of Momo and turning them into a booklet for his nieces and nephews.
Momo the dog hiding on a hill
The 4-year-old collie sits very still, so you have to look hard to find him. Where's Momo now?
Momo the dog hiding under stairs