Does the High Street have a future?

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Music, game and DVD chain, HMV, could soon be disappearing from our towns and cities.

The shops haven't been doing very well in recent years and suffered poor sales over Christmas.

A company has been brought in to try to see if all or some of HMV's shops can be kept going.

HMV aren't the only high street shops that are in trouble. Camera retailer, Jessops, and digital retailer Comet have both closed down recently.

Customers are now buying lots of their goods online because they often get better deals and can shop from the comfort of their own home.

There are now fears that high streets and shopping centres will start to look very different if more shops shut.

We asked you if you thought it mattered if shops disappeared from towns and if you preferred to shop online rather than in stores.

Your comments

"I think HMV is a good shop and you can get really good games, music and consoles. If all of the shops close down where are we going to shop?"

Marshall, Northamptonshire

"I sort of like them closing down because there will be massive discounts and sales."

Nandushan, West London

"I shop online and I sometimes get better deals but if all the shops on the high street close down it will leave lots of towns and cities bare and empty."

Richard, Hertfordshire

"I think it is important to have shopping centres because it's nice to go around and see what is out."

Max, Birmingham

"I enjoy going out to the shops as a way of socialising and meeting friends. It's also fun to look around shops. However, I can see why internet shopping is increasing in popularity. It is much more convenient, I guess HMV are suffering because a lot of people prefer to download music."

Chloe, Stoke-on-Trent

"We talked about HMV in our lesson today. We think that it's a shame that HMV might close down as there isn't anywhere else we can buy music on our own with our own money. Lots of people think it's easy to buy music online - but not if you're under 18 and have to rely on your parents' bank account!"

Tosin, Milosh, Imi and Amira, Hertfordshire

"Yes it matters they shouldn't shut the shops because there won't be anywhere to go and if we don't have access to the internet then how are we going to buy things."

Sophie, Huddersfield

"I think it's better if some shops close down, hopefully the most expensive ones. I like my parents to shop online, because it means that you can split in into groups, whereas in the shops, its in aisles, that normally are quite long. If you shop online you can also see the price without having to figure it out, whereas, in shops, unless you figure it out beforehand, you get a surprise at the end if its really expensive."

Rhys, Gloucestershire

"I think that shopping online is a good way to save money."

Daniel, Castleford

"I think it will be a shame to not have many shops in the high street because if you have family down there will be nowhere to take them."

Mariam, Swindon