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Top gadgets from US tech show

Our pick of the best gadgets from the CES show in Las Vegas, America.
If you've ever accidentally dropped your phone down the toilet, then this is right up your street. The Sony Xperia Z smartphone can be left in up to two feet of water for half an hour. It's also got the biggest screen of any smartphone.
Sony Xperia Z smartphone
That sickly feeling after eating too quickly could be history with this vibrating fork. The HAPIfork has sensors on both ends that track each bite you take. It then vibrates and lights up if you're going too fast.
These might not look very fashionable but the Re Timer glasses claim to stop jet lag by the bright LED light shining in your eyes. Travel details can be put into a jet lag calculator to work out when to wear them while you're travelling across time zones.
Re-Timer glasses
Ever wondered what's going on inside your washing machine? Well this see-through washer lit up by bright neon lights is the next big idea by Chinese company Haier.
Haier washing machine