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Hidden emperor penguin colony discovered in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered 9,000 emperor penguins living together in a hidden colony in Antarctica.
There's as many as 9,000 penguins living together on the frozen continent's Princess Ragnhild Coast.
Emperor penguins in Antarctica
Scientists from the Britain and the US were able to work out the birds' location after spotting traces of the penguin's poo on satellite images.
Penguin chicks with their parents
A hidden colony of emperor penguins in Antarctica has been snapped for the first time by human visitors.
The penguin colony in front of an ice cliff.
Now three experts from Belgium's Princess Elisabeth Antarctica polar research have become the first people to visit and photograph the colony. Expedition leader Alain Hubert described finding the penguins as 'an unforgettable moment'.
Expedition leader Alain Hubert.
It's estimated that there are about 20 million penguins living in Antarctica.
A group of penguins together