Bizarre Christmas tree throwing contest in Germany

Last updated at 15:55
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Check out these tree throwing champs!

A town in southern Germany has come up with an unusual way for people to get rid of their Christmas trees - a tree throwing championships!

The idea's a simple one - people just bring along their old trees and see how far they can throw them.

There are three different tree throwing categories - 'Weitwurf' (javelin-style), 'Hammerwurf' (hammer-style) and 'Hochwurf' (high jump-style).

Each person's distances are added up to find out the overall champion.

48 year-old Frank Schwender was the star of the show this year, winning the tournament for a third time in a row.

He retained his title with a total distance of 22.45 metres over the three throwing disciplines.

At the end a huge bonfire is built out of all the Christmas trees.