Chat: Do you eat always breakfast before school?

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Check out what these children in Blackpool had to say...

A council in England has started giving free school breakfasts to all primary school kids.

The three-month trial is taking place in Blackpool, where schools say too many pupils are coming in hungry.

Some UK schools already offer free breakfasts but often they're only for kids whose parents earn less than a certain amount of money.

The local council in Blackpool hope that giving all pupils a healthy breakfast will help kids "focus".

Groups that represent teachers, like the National Association of Head Teachers, say the plan could have a "huge impact".

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"I love breakfast and can't see how people manage till lunch with no food!"

Imogen, Sheffield, England

"When I don't eat my breakfast I usually get a headache throughout school!"

Ella, Cheshire, England

"I think its a good idea because some kids don't have time for breakfast in the mornings and if you don't have breakfast you won't have enough energy"

Milla, Leeds, England

"I personally don't eat breakfast very often, but I always have a breakfast bar or a piece of fruit. So you should always eat something even if you don't feel hungry!"

Jessie, Hampshire, England

"Breakfast is very important and I never skip it. My friend who never eats breakfast always struggles both academically and physically at school. It is the most important meal."

Beth, Leeds, England

"I sometimes eat breakfast and I think the free breakfast club thing is a good idea as most kids don't eat breakfast in the morning."

Sahema, Preston, England

"In the holidays and weekends I normally skip breakfast but on school day I always try and eat breakfast as I know how important it is to help me at school."

Harriet, Devon, England

"In the holidays I forget to have breakfast, but before school I have breakfast. Sometimes I forget though, so then my work suffers."

Georgia, Derby, England

"I think it is a good idea because some kids don't have time for breakfast in the morning at home if their parents have to work, and it should be free because some families can't afford it. It is the most essential meal of the day"

Sophie, England

"It's a good idea but how do the schools know which children are hungry? And should it be free? I couldn't survive without my breakfast but my parents pay for it"

Tillie, Cumbria, England

"I think it's a good idea as some people in my class sometimes complain that they're hungry and they start dozing off in class. So I think it's a great idea."

Holli, Oswestry, England

"I think this is a really good choice- it will cost money though. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So yes, its a good idea."

Israa, Slough, England

"I think children would eat breakfast if they had more time in the morning. Some people don't have enough time in the morning and they have to skip something - I don't think that people would skip brushing their teeth instead of food."

Sophie, Cornwall, England

"I think breakfast is very important as you need energy to concentrate in class. Some kids skip breakfast because they want to be skinny but that's not a good idea."

Leila, London, England

"I don't eat breakfast at home or at school, even though they supply a free breakfast club, but it's not affecting my work in school at all. I do eat at snack and lunch so that make's up for what I miss at breakfast."

Chloe, Mostyn, Wales

"It's a good idea to eat breakfast before school otherwise you will just fall asleep in class."

Samir, Chatham, England

"I have breakfast every day but I don't see how it makes me motivated to learn."

Ishrat, London, England

"I think all schools should have free breakfast clubs, because it's an important meal of the day and some kids don't have any."

Nancy, Essex, England

"I think they should not do this as it will cost a lot of money and waste learning time."

Richard, Hitchin, England

"I think this is a pretty good idea because some children have to get up very early just to eat breakfast (including myself). This will help loads!"

Charlotte, Essex, England

"I always have breakfast! It helps me concentrate. I really don't understand how some of my friends don't eat breakfast!"

Elena, La Hulpe, Belgium

"When I don't have breakfast I can't concentrate in my class, so I always eat breakfast everyday."

Juhwan Shin, South Korea

"Breakfast is really important for me, it helps me to go through until break. It also wakes me up in the morning."

India, Chesterfield, England

"I think that it is a great idea for schools to offer free breakfast to all pupils. I have my breakfast every morning so that is good and it helps me concentrate in class. It is also part of a healthy diet."

Imane, England

"Children should just get up earlier to have a good breakfast."

Arek, The Hague, Netherlands

"I eat breakfast everyday and my mom doesn't let me get out of the house unless I eat it. But some kids don't eat breakfast because they are scared that they will get fat which is just silly."

Anna, India

"I never really have a so-called 'proper' breakfast. I don't usually have a snack at break either, which probably affects my learning.

Emma, England

"I think it is kind of a good idea. How will the school know which kids are hungry?

Hollie, Limerick, Ireland

"I think it is very important to eat your breakfast in the morning because it is part of a healthy diet."

Megan, London, England