Zoo asks for old Christmas trees for their big cats

Last updated at 07:30
Zuri the lion playing with Christmas tree

A zoo is asking people to drop off their Christmas trees so they can be reused as toys for big cats.

Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire say lions, tigers and snow leopards love playing with the trees.

If the trees haven't got roots they are given to the animals to play with and cuddle.

Those with roots can be planted to help decorate the big cats' enclosures while dried out trees are used as fuel in the zoo's bio-burner.

This provides extra heating and hot water.

A spokeswoman for Linton Zoo said the response to their appeal had already been "fantastic".

She said: "Greenery is very important to our animals, so live rooted and growing trees can be given a second chance at life by being planted in one of our animal enclosures."