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Winners of National Geographic Photography Contest 2012

The winners of the National Geographic Photography Contest 2012 have been revealed, with the grand prize going to a stunning photo of a tiger.
A stunning photograph of a tigress shaking herself dry has won the grand prize of the 2012 National Geographic Photography Contest. Every year photographers from across the world compete for the awards, in three categories - Nature, People and Places.
Tigress shaking water
With his exceptional hearing a red fox has targeted a mouse hidden under thick snow. This photo received an 'Honorable Mention' in the Nature category.
Fox photo
This photo of a wild, Alaskan, brown bear digging in search for food was taken with a home made motion controlled triggering device hooked up to a camera.
Bear photo
Called 'Tender Moment', this photo won the Viewers' Choice Award. It shows a female cheetah teaching lessons to her cub.
Cheetah photo
Taken on Iceland's eastern coast, this photo shows glacial ice washing ashore after breaking off a giant glacier. The photo was taken very slowly over four minutes to give its eerie effect.
Iceberg photo