Thousands stranded by wildfires in Tasmania, Australia

Last updated at 17:11
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See the wildfires and the destruction they've caused

Thousands of people have been left stranded by raging wildfires on the Australian island of Tasmania.

At least 100 homes have been destroyed, as well as a police station and a school in Dunalley, near the island's capital, Hobart.

Much of Australia is experiencing a heatwave with the temperature in Hobart hitting a record 41C.

High winds and drought combined with the heat are causing the wildfires.

A main road to a peninsula south-east of the capital Hobart, has been cut off, meaning thousands of people - many of them tourists - are stranded.

Some people have gone to beaches in the area to stay away from the fires.

Local boats and are being used to bring in essential supplies and evacuate those people most at risk.