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Pictures: Christmas trees around the world

The biggest and best Christmas trees from around the world.
If you think this tree looks expensive, you're right. Standing in the lobby of the Emirates hotel in Abu Dhabi, this 43 foot tree is decorated with millions of pounds worth of gold and precious stones, including diamonds and sapphires.
Christmas tree in Emirates hotel in Abu Dhabi
Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is home to the world's tallest floating Christmas tree. The decorations represent the four seasons of the year and are lit by 3.3 million light bulbs.
Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Trafalgar Square in London has gone for a more classic and traditional look with this 69 foot tall Christmas tree that came from a forest in Norway.
Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, London.
And here's the most famous Christmas tree in the world outside Rockefeller Centre in New York. Every year tourists from around the world visit New York to see it and ice skate in front of it.
Christmas tree outside Rockefeller Centre in New York
Not far from Trafalgar Square is the Christmas tree outside number 10 Downing Street. The tree came from a farm in Scotland and was turned on by this year's X Factor finalists.
Christmas tree outside Downing Street, London.
In Paris, this 32 foot fir tree illuminates the night sky with the famous Eiffel Tower.
Christmas tree in Paris.
In the Russian capital, Moscow, this artificial Christmas tree lights up Red Square, with the GUM state department store behind it.
Christmas tree in Moscow, Russia.
And that's not the only impressive tree in Paris. In the middle of the Galeries Lafayette department store stands this giant Christmas tree.
Christmas tree in Galeries Lafayette department store, Paris.
In the capital of the United States, this 65 foot Christmas tree stands outside of the Capitol building in Washington DC.
Christmas tree in Washington DC.