Why is Newsround leaving BBC One?

Newsround is saying goodbye to BBC One on Thursday, after 40 years on the flagship channel.

We'll no longer be doing our 5pm weekday bulletin, but we'll still be bringing you news every day on the CBBC Channel.

Director of BBC Children's Joe Godwin explained: "Most children choose to watch CBBC and CBeebies on the CBBC and CBeebies channels. They go to those dedicated children's channels to find their shows."

When the 'block' of children's programmes was first created, there were only four TV channels,

That's all changed with the arrival of digital and satellite channels - and the launch of the CBBC Channel in 2002.

Now 1.8 million kids tune in to the CBBC Channel every week and fewer children are watching CBBC on BBC One.

In fact, five times more kids watch Newsround on the CBBC Channel compared to on BBC One.

There are some worries that the change will mean families won't watch programmes together anymore.

But, as Ricky's been finding out in his report, it's not the complete end of kid-friendly programmes on BBC One and BBC Two.

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