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Pictures: Humpback whales feed close to shore in Norway

Large numbers of humpback whales have gathered to feed close to shore in Arctic Norway
Large numbers of humpback whales have gathered to feed close to shore in Arctic Norway. Hundreds of the massive mammals have been migrating there each year, according to nature photographer Espen Bergersen, who has captured these close up pics
Humpback whale photographed off the coast of Tromso, Norway
What's that smell? "The sounds of the breathing humpbacks all over the fjord can be so intense," said Mr Bergersen. "You can even smell them. It smells like rotten fish."
Humpback whale emerges from the water with its mouth open
And it's not just humpbacks. Killer whales and seabirds also join in. The whales' feeding ground has been changing in recent years as large numbers of herring, one of their favourite foods, move along the narrow waterways during winter
Killer whales emerge from water
Look out! Humpback whales hunt by encircling a group of fish then diving underwater. Mr Bergersen explained: "You have no clue where the whales are before you see hundreds of scared herrings jumping out of the water, followed by humpbacks with wide open mouths."
Fish leaping out of the water
Arctic winter sets in. Around 1,000 humpback whales feed here during the summer before beginning their migration to the West Indies. The whales are likely to remain in Norway until January before making their long journey
Whales spouting water in distance
Making a splash - "If you are in the right place you can see jumping herring and feeding whales only 10m from land," said Mr Bergersen, who took this shot of a surfacing humpback while standing on shore.
Humpback whale close-up image
See ya! Capturing the marine giants on camera can be tricky. According to Mr Bergersen the animals are quite unpredictable despite their size: "You never know when they come to surface".
Whales diving under water, flukes are visible