Chat: What part are you playing in your nativity?

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The nativity play with REAL animals!

Christmas time means many of you will be starring in nativity plays at school, but here's one with a difference...

It was performed on a farm and featured real animals such as sheep and horses!

Children of mixed abilities from two schools took part in the special nativity at Longlands Care Farm in Worcester, West Midlands.

Leah went along to see how it went - and find out what it was like working with the animals!

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! pictures from E1 Entertainment.

We asked you about what you're up to for festive plays - what part are you playing? How are you preparing for the big performance?

Or if you've already had your show - we wanted to know how it went!

The chat is now closed but here are some of your comments below.

Your comments

"We're not doing a nativity but we're doing a dancing Christmas party and I am Rudolph the leader."

Jessica, Newcastle, England

"I think that they should change parts round as every year since year 2 I've been a narrator, it really annoys me!"

Isabel, London, England

"My school is doing Sleeping Beauty and I was a Town Crier."

Isaac, Wales

"Unfortunately we are not doing a Christmas play however I am taking part in many carol concerts which are really enjoyable."

Katy, Dorset, England

"I did a nativity at my church and I was one of the camels. I had a great costume for it, it was really fun."

Jessie, London, England

"We are not doing a nativity but we are doing a show called The Sleepy Shepherd and I am the actual star in the sky!"

Kay, Aberdeen, Scotland

"We were doing a school play called Cinderella and Rockefeller. I was a cockerel, it was really embarrassing."

Daniel, Staffordshire, England

"I am having my play tomorrow [Wednesday] morning and night and I am an angel. I am not doing the nativity, but a play called the Magic Christmas Jigsaw. My brother is a hen."

Reanne, Northern Ireland

"Our play is of children around the world celebrating Christmas. I am playing the bossy angel!"

Lauren, England

"We're not doing a nativity play but we are doing a Christmas play in our school and I'm Joseph."

Keerthan, Southend-on-Sea, England

"At my school we are doing a different nativity called Peace Child. The play is about two tribes. I am on the Wannakee side, it is a good play."

Libby, Warwickshire, England

"I'm playing Balthazar the King."

Morgan, York, England

"I am being a singer for a solo!!"

Harriet, Sussex, England

"I'm playing an angel. I can't wait!"

Holly, England

"We're doing a play called Alice in Wonderland and I'm a playing card."

Chelsea, Rotherham, England

"We are not doing a nativity play, we are doing a pantomime called Panto Pandemonium instead and I am the good fairy's dancer!!!"

Jesy, Birmingham

"I'm playing King 1 of 3."

Andre, England

"We are not doing a nativity play but a Christmas play called A Christmas Carol and I am Ebenezer's little sister."

Chloe, Cheltenham, England

"I'm playing Mary."

Maria, Bolton, England