Video: Self-balancing C-1 motorbike 'can't be knocked over'

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"You would need a baby elephant to knock over our vehicle."

Is this the vehicle of the future? A self-balancing electric motorbike that its inventors claim can't be knocked over has been shown off!

The C-1 has special balancing technology called gyroscopes, which are used on the International Space Station and the Hubble space telescope.

Daniel Kim from Lit Motors says: "You would need a baby elephant to knock over our vehicle."

It's only a test model at the moment. The creators hope to sell them by 2014.

Kim calls the vehicle a mix between a motorcycle and a car: "It takes the romance and efficiency of a motorcycle, with the safety and comfort of a car."

The price tag is set to be high - with a US price of $24,000 (£14,900) each. But that could drop as more of them are made.

It's being targeted at motorcyclists who want a more comfy ride and commuters who want to get through traffic easily.

It could also be sold to places like India and China where two wheels are more popular.

Brian Cooley from tech website CNET points out that the vehicle requires a lot of faith from its driver.

He said: "Unlike a motorcycle if you begin to doubt it you can't put your foot on the ground, you have to trust that it's not going to fall over."

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