What would get you into history?

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Stars of Horrible Histories

School history lessons need to be changed to get more kids into the subject.

That's according to a report by a group of politicians.

They're recommending that pupils have more history lessons and learn about periods of time in the order they happened.

The report also says that the majority of young people learn most of their history in primary schools.

The politicians reckon there needs to be more training for primary school teachers to help them teach the subject well.

Their other ideas include letting some schools in England replace citizenship classes with history lessons and bringing in an exam for 16-year-olds just about British history.

What do you think?

"I really love history but I do find it really annoying when we learn about one era and then another era a thousand years earlier - it's so confusing!"

Katy, Hertfordshire, England

"I love history but I think that we should learn things in chronological order."

Emily, Newcastle, England

"I really like history but it would be even better if people could try and make it more fun."

Aron, Dunblane, Scotland

"I love our history lessons at school, we learn so much but they are also fun. Once we had a Victorian day and the teachers really got into character. It was so fun!"

Georgie, Bath, England

"History is my worst subject. What is the point of learning about the past? We need to look to the future."

Angel, Essex, England

"I love history, it's brilliant. We are learning about events and people that have affected who WE are today. We recently went on a Victorian residential trip with school, it was fantastic and I learned some fascinating facts!"

Callum, Newcastle, England

"History is boring. I don't see why we have to learn about the past."

Yazmin, Derby, England

"I think history lessons should be made fun and exciting. There should be plays, stories and other captivating activities that help the children remember things well. My history lesson is just writing, writing, writing and that's about it."

Aisha, London, England

"I love history. I wish we learned about the Victorians more, we sometimes watch clips from Horrible Histories in lessons!"

Jessica, West Midlands, England

"History is my favourite subject."

Ebony, Jersey, Channel Islands

"I do history and I find it quite boring but some things you learn are interesting and useful. We always learn from text books and it's just boring. I think doing a more physical lesson would be more fun and students would want to learn more about History."

Charlotte, Leicestershire, England

"My history lessons are really boring, we do loads of textbook work. I prefer the lessons where we do more creative and physical lessons rather than sitting at a desk copying things out of a textbook for ages."

Will, Tunbridge Wells, England

"We think that history is important and it's really enjoyable. We think at the age of around 16 you should have an exam on history to test how much you know!"

Amber and Madeleine, Leicester, England

"We think that some history lessons can be exciting but some can be boring. We know it is a very important subject. We both really liked learning about the Tudors and the Victorians."

Caitlin and Ellie, Leicester, England

"I learned about World War 2, it was really boring and I think the classes should be changed to make them more fun - to make people want to learn about the old days!"

Ashleigh, Edinburgh, England

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