Video: Amazing swimming twins stun parents at 9 months old

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Watch the twins in action.

Twins who are just nine months old have stunned their parents with their swimming ability.

Although they are only babies William and Ellenita are already able to swim 25 metres on their backs in the adult pool.

Their parents didn't realise they were unusual until the swimming teacher told them how talented their little ones are.

Dad is already planning big things for them saying he'd like them to be swimmers when they grow up.

He said: "Now they can swim, and bearing in mind they were born in the Olympic year of 2012, I'd love to see them at the 2028 Olympics when they are 16 years old."

Have a look at the twins in action.

Remember: The twins' swimming ability is very unusual and they are always supervised by their dad. Water can be very dangerous, so don't try this yourself.