Further Up Yonder video shows Earth from Space Station

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Check out the view from the International Space Station!

Check out this amazing video of Earth as seen from the International Space Station.

It was pieced together by Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli who used clips from Nasa to make the short film.

Nasa has released a lot of recordings from the International Space Station (ISS) in the past but Giacomo says he wanted to give the pictures some soul.

He added music and voice clips to make the pictures tell a story.

Giacomo told Newsround: "The main point of the ISS is not just to shoot some nice pictures, but to do research for humankind."

His film is now being translated into other languages and Giacomo hopes it will "share the purpose of the ISS to humankind".

Images courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, Nasa; audio courtesy of Nasa; music by DigitalR3public; video reproduced with permission of Giacomo Sardelli.