Bournemouth school runs sleep workshops to help kids

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A school in Bournemouth has started doing sleep workshops to help kids who struggle to nod off at home.

It began after teachers became concerned about children turning up to school tired.

The lessons have been so successful that parents think they should be rolled out across the country.

In his report, Joe meets sleep expert Dr Siddiq Pulakal to find out how much sleep we need.

He also gets some top tips on getting a good night's kip.

What do you think?

We want to hear your experiences of trying to get to sleep? Do you struggle to nod off? Do you end up watching TV or playing games late into the night? Or if you're a good sleeper, what advice do you have for kids who aren't?

Your comments

"Sometimes I can't go to sleep at night and end up watching TV or going on my laptop."

Abbaas, Lancashire, England

"I think that this is a great idea as I often find it hard to sleep and I usually come home from school absolutely exhausted! It doesn't really affect my learning but more my concentration, especially when I finish school and need to do my homework."

Olivia, London, England

"I get eight hours sleep a day which is enough for me."

Dillon, London, England

"I had trouble getting to sleep when I was younger but it helps if you read and then have no lights on."

Becki, Sussex, England

"I can't get to sleep as I play on my phone and watch TV just before I go to bed."

Lilly, Kent, England

"Most the time I feel so tired, but when it's time to go to bed I'm not really that tired. When I wake up I'm still really tired and it's hard for me to get up in the morning. Sometimes I am late for school. It's not going to help my education if it carries on like this!"

Jessica, England

"I have trouble with sleeping too so I think sleeping lessons would be great."

Jenna, Essex, England