Hundreds told to leave homes in St Asaph

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Parts of Britain have been hit by more flooding on Tuesday.

Heavy rain has been falling in northern England and north Wales.

Around 500 people in St Asaph, north Wales, have been told to leave their homes, after River Elwy broke its banks. Pickering in Yorkshire and the North York Moors are also at risk.

Across the UK 960 properties have flooded since Wednesday and the Environment Agency has sent 110,000 warnings to people at risk of flooding.

A flood warning means that flooding is expected in an area and people there must take immediate action - while a flood alert is less severe, and means people should keep aware of the situation.

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The Environment Agency says the problem is rain falling on ground that's already full of water.

But the good news is that the rain is set to ease by the end of Tuesday.

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Heavy rain has left many roads underwater and caused trouble for train lines.