Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Wonderbook, Ouya go head-to-head

Last updated at 19:13
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Joe has a go at the new Wii U and Wonderbook

Christmas is less than one month away and as your parents hit the shops, computer games giants are hoping their latest kit will be on your wish list.

After bad sales of the Nintendo 3DS, the company is pinning their hopes on the release of its brand new Wii U console.

The big development is dual screen gaming - it allows two people to play the same game but with different perspectives.

But Sony PlayStation is hoping their new Wonderbook will do well.

Wonderbook uses augmented reality and the Move controller to make it look like the book is coming to life on your screen!

Their first title, Book of Spell, should delight many Harry Potter fans.

If you can wait until the new year, then the Ouya is a console many experts say could be a game-changer.

It's a cheap console you plug into your TV - with downloadable free games that can made by anyone!

Joe's been trying out the Wii U and Wonderbook and speaking to Tom Phillips from Eurogamer website about them.