US President Barack Obama saves Thanksgiving turkeys

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Watch President Obama pardon Cobbler the turkey

US President Barack Obama has saved two turkeys from the dinner table in his yearly Thanksgiving pardon.

Thanksgiving is a massive annual holiday in America where people traditionally eat turkey.

But the birds Cobbler and Gobbler have been spared by the president, a tradition which happens every year.

Obama was joined by his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, at the ceremony. Malia refused to stroke the turkey, which caused much laughter!

The turkeys' names were selected from suggestions by school kids in Virginia state - where the birds came from.

The pair were put up for an online vote to see which one should be saved, which decided that Cobbler would be the National Thanksgiving Turkey but Obama decided that both should be spared.

The birds will now be taken to live on a farm back in Virginia.

Thanksgiving is traced back to 1621 when settlers in America held a huge feast to celebrate a good harvest.