Church of England votes against allowing women bishops

Last updated at 08:48
Reverend Sally HitchinerGetty Images

The Church of England has voted against allowing women to become bishops.

The Church's ruling body, the General Synod, narrowly voted against changing the rules on Tuesday evening, after a long day of debating.

The result's left many people in the Church upset. Most of the bishops and priests wanted the change to happen. But other members of the Church didn't.

Bishops are holding an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss what to do next.

The next Archbishop of Canterbury has called the result a "very grim day".

The Church of England is split into dioceses, or areas, and each of them is led by a bishop.

It's 20 years since the Church of England allowed women to become priests.

Campaigners said they'd continue fighting, but it could be another five years before the Church looks at voting on the issue again.