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Pictures: The world's 'ugliest' endangered animals

The Zoological Society for London's EDGE project is trying to help protect 'ugly' animals on the edge of extinction.
The EDGE project run by the Zoological Society for London is aiming to raise awareness of 'ugly' animals close to extinction. Meet the Sunda pangolin, another not so cute and cuddly creature. It lives in South East Asia and is the only mammal in the world to be entirely covered in scales!
Sunda pangolin
This little guy's a long-beaked echidna. It's only found in Papua New Guinea and it's classed as critically endangered. Echidnas are very shy and like damp environments, where they use their beaks to dig for worms.
Long-beaked echidna
This Chinese giant salamander might not be a looker but its numbers have gone down "catastrophically" over the past 30 years, according to conservationists. It loves the clean, cold mountain streams of China and can grow to nearly two metres long!
Chinese giant salamander
This is the Ganges river dolphin - found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. It's got a long beak and likes showing off its teeth. It's thought that fewer than 2,000 of these dolphins are left in the wild.
Ganges river dolphin
The Hispaniolan Solenodon looks a bit like a big shrew. We think it's pretty cute! It lives in the forests of Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. It's one of only a few species of mammal that can make poisonous spit in its mouth to kill its prey.
Hispaniolan Solenodon
Kittens, puppies and fluffy bunnies, all cute animals that we love to look at! But how often do you spare a thought for the not so pretty creatures? This purple frog has to be one of the strangest looking ever seen - only 135 of them have actually ever been spotted.
Purple frog