David Beckham to quit LA Galaxy

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Former England captain David Beckham says he will leave LA Galaxy after the Major League Soccer Cup final on 1 December.

The 37-year-old midfielder, who's played in America for the last six seasons, says he wants one last challenge before the end of his career.

It's not been revealed where the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player will go.

But a spokesperson has said he has "no plans to play in Australia".

Beckham joined Manchester United when he was just 14, and went on to make 398 appearances for the club, winning six Premier League titles and the Champions League.

He moved to Real Madrid in a £25m deal in 2003, winning the La Liga title in 2007, weeks before moving to America.

He won the MLS Cup in 2011 with LA Galaxy, and was voted the league's best player by supporters in that season.

What's next for Becks?

So he's ruled out Australia for his next move but Beckham's keeping tight-lipped about where he'll finish his career. We asked for your predictions on where he should go next.

Your Comments:

"I think Beckham should go round to schools and coach kids."

Sophie, Hertfordshire, England

"I think he should go to one of the smaller clubs like Norwich City!"

Sufyan, Bahrain

"Beckham should either go to Barcelona or Arsenal. He would be great for the Gunners and would replace Alex Song or he could go to Barca and be a enemy to Real Madrid but he would have to fight for a place."

James, Oxfordshire, England

"I don't think he should go to Manchester United because Manchester United have a lot of midfielders already!!"

Daniel, Oxford, England

"I think he should go and spend some time with his beautiful family."

Olivia, Staffordshire, England

"I think he should go to the Romanian football club FC Steaua Bucharest because we really need him."

Cristian, Bucharest, Romania

"I think Beckham should go back to Manchester United because he was really good there and was loved by all."

Elisha, Southampton, England

"We think that David Beckham should move back to Manchester Untied because he shared memorable moments with the club and never let them down."

Harry and Finn, St. Julians, Malta

"I think Beckham should go to Celtic. He's had a look at England, USA, Italy and Spain but not Scotland - so I say Celtic!"

Daniel, Fife, Scotland

"I think Beckham will go back to the Premier League to a big team like Manchester United or Chelsea."

Archie, Yorkshire, England

"I think he should move to West Ham because I support them and they have got rubbish players."

Alfie, Suffolk, England

"I think David Beckham should go to Liverpool, it would be a massive challenge for him to help Liverpool win the Premiership."

Will, Grimsby, England

"He should obviously return to Manchester United, it's the club where he started his career and it's the club where he should end his career."

Kyle, Leeds, England

"We think Beckham should go to Chelsea because they are losing!"

Ashley and Mathew, England

"I think David Beckham should go to Liverpool because we don't have a good midfielder."

Kieran, West Midlands, England

"I think he should go back to Manchester United because he scored lots of goals and was the best player there. He has got a lot to think about."

Adam, Northumberland, England

"I think David Beckham should return to Manchester United because he has won six premier league titles. I support Manchester United and Sir Alex would be happy if he returned."

Benjamin, Bristol, England