Does bullying make kids hide their talents?

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Why do some people hide their talents?

Some children are hiding their talents and skills in school because they're worried about getting bullied.

In a survey of children aged 11 to 16, nearly half said they played down a talent because of bullying fears.

More than a quarter said they had stopped taking part in an activity they enjoy for the same reasons.

One in 10 said they had not shown how good they are at science to avoid bullies too.

The researchers asked 1042 UK children about their worries as a part of a survey for England's anti-bullying week.

The poll suggested many children (11%) have stopped singing, some 8% said they had stopped doing drama and 9% dancing. Some 8% have quit a sport because of bullying fears.

What do you think?

We want to know what you think. Have you ever hidden a talent because you're worried about bullying? What do you think about the new survey's results? What can be done to help kids who are worried about showing their skills?

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Your Comments

"Kids should never be scared to hide talents because who knows, you might become a pro at the thing you do best! Bullies are nothing to be afraid of; they often try to target people who are good at a certain thing because it is easy to bring up a topic to use. All it means is that you're so good at what you do, it gets noticed! And that is never a bad thing!!!"

Hannah, Monmouthshire, Wales

"I stopped doing an activitiy outside of school because I was getting bullied, but after I talked to a friend/adult it got sorted out.

Laura, Bolton, England

"I do think bullying hides talents because bullied children are always scared that the bullies will make fun of them, so never try anything, but you shouldn't be scared, talents make us what we are, so don't hide it!"

Louise, Geneva, Switzerland

"I did not want to do my magic in front of people but when I did they were really pleased."

Ben, Wigan, England

"Children should not be worried to show their talents and should just ignore the person bullying them. They are probably doing it because they were bullied themselves and just want to get back at people because they got hurt."

Jennifer, Ealing, England

"I think that children should not give up what they like doing just because of bullies. Bullies are just the same as us the only reason they do it is because they are jealous..."

Lucy, Denbighshire, Wales

"I think children should just show there talent, it doesn't matter if they get bullied they should be happy and proud."

Arley, Didcot, England

"I think bullies are just insecure about themselves and have been hurt in the past, and feel others should be treated as they were/have been treated. That's not right - and everyone should be treated fairly and equally."

Janine, Perth, Australia

"I think that people shouldn't be afraid to express what they like and people shouldn't laugh about it."

Jack, Dublin, Ireland

"If you are getting bullied you should really tell someone."

Stephanie, Sunderland, England

"I did dance and I got bullied, I got called a girl even though I do not do it anymore. I think you should keep it up. I gave mine up because of bullying and I really regret it."

Ewan, Bath, England

"I think children should not be scared of anything because if they show their talents and they are really good at what they do, then later it's them that will be laughing, not the bullies."

Toby, Wales

"Children should always be free to express their talents openly without the fear of being bullied."

Rayann, Limerick, Ireland

"I think the bullies are just jealous because someone is better than them!"

Beth, Oxfordshire, England

"I knew that when I went to secondary school I had a choice on whether to hide and not get the most out of school, or to try my best all the time. I get teased now but I will try to ignore it and continue with my work!"

Lowrie, Coventry, England

"I feel embarrassed to enter my school talent contest because I'm scared people will make fun of me."

Cathleen, London, England

"I was offered to go to chess club and I really wanted to but I was worried of being bullied about it."

Sophie-Ann, Lincolnshire, England

"I think they shouldn't hide their talent. Having talent is a good thing."

Umut, London, England

"I feel that it is very unfortunate that children nowadays are unable to share their talent due to bullying. Those children should realise that they are only being bullied due to jealousy and not because they themselves are bad at what they do."

Ge, United Arab Emirates

"I have not sung at school because I am scared of being bullied."

Hannah, Lincolnshire, England

"Kids shouldn't be afraid to show their skills, they must be able to talk to somebody."

Henjo, Breda, Netherlands

"I think children should not be scared of sharing a talent because of bullies. If you have a talent and you are proud of it, so what if bullies are being mean - all that matters is you. You don't want to be hiding all your lives because of bullies."

Lexi, England