What are you doing for Children In Need?

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Hayley meets the school singing for CiN...

Children In Need returns for its 33rd year and it promises it to be bigger and better than ever!

Loads of celebs will be out in force to help Pudsey and so can you!

One Direction will kick start tonight's show, with the Team GB stars also taking part. There'll be special episodes of Doctor Who and Strictly Come Dancing too.

Thousands of people across the UK will be fundraising and we asked you what you'll be doing.

Here's just a selection of some comments that were sent in...

Your comments:

"As my school is off, I am having a PJ night watching CIN. I am deaf in one ear and I wear a hearing aid. I go to a deaf club that is supported by CIN."

Alice Cunningham, Elgin, Scotland

"I raised £15 by wearing pyjamas to my tennis lesson!"

Gwyneth, Denbighshire, Wales

"Our whole school brought in coins to put on pictures of Pudsey. Our class filled 5 Pudseys and raised £47.00!"

Year 5 at Woodlea Primary School, Surrey, England

"I have organised a talent competition for my dance school. All the competitors have to perform a different talent than the dancing we do at class. We have singers, guitar players and a grandma doing a belly dance! We are also having a raffle, 'guess Pudsey's middle name?' and a mini disco. I am really looking forward to tonight and I hope we raise lots of money.

Hannah, Northumberland, England

"I'm doing a sponsored silence all day because my favourite thing is talking and I think it'll raise lots of money for C.I.N :)"

Liberty, England

"Today at school we are having a tug of war. Also we are not wearing our uniform today as well. Later on when I get home from school I am going to watch the Children in Need show too."

Alice, Yorkshire, England

"I'm getting my nails painted in front of about 200 people to raise money."

Simon, Plymouth, England

"Our school are all dressing up in pyjamas for Children in Need!"

Amy, Slough, England

"I am going to cycle 18 miles for Children in Need and all of my friends and family have sponsored me!!"

Emma, Berkshire, England

"Sponsored silence all evening to raise £5 each off my mum and dad!!"

Jude, Lancashire, England

"I am doing a six hour bounce-a-thon with a few other people next Friday."

Emily, Braintree, Essex

"Our whole school has paid 50p each to dress up as super heroes to raise money for CiN. We estimate to raise over £300 today! We are surrounded by Batman, Spiderman and Catwomen and that's just the teachers!! :)

St Bernadette's RC Primary School, Birmingham, England

"We are having a cake and milkshake stall and a design a Pudsey bear competition. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Mark and Lacey, Essex, England

"At our school today, we are doing weird and wacky games and dressing up in our pyjamas! One boy called Billy is even wearing his sleeping bag! We can't wait to watch on TV tonight

Year 5 children at St John's Primary School, Staffordshire, England

"At my school, we are dressing up as some of our favourite sporting heroes. Around the school we can see David Beckham, Andy Murray, Steven Redgrave, Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Ennis. We are also having an Exerdance and a dance session on the Wii."

Abbie, Greenock, Scotland

"We're in our pj's and having a cake sale! WOOHOO!"

Fern, Barry, Wales

"Our whole school has dressed up in spots with crazy hair!! We have our faces painted and our hair dyed too! Even the teachers have joined in!"

Primary 2/3, West Lothian, Scotland

"I'm doing a marathon in my pyjamas."

Tesni, Wrexham, Wales

"My school is doing a 'wear spots, let's raise lots day'. I'm off sick but I'm still wearing spots!!!

Samantha, Norwich, England

"For Children in Need I am swimming for 15mins to see how many laps I can do."

Faith, Telford, England

"My school is asking people to wear wacky socks to school for CiN. I am really looking forward to seeing the show."

Libby, West Midlands, England

"Our school are having discos and non uniform day for Children in Need."

Ayse, Cumbria, England

"People at our school are having a non uniform day where we come in what we want to wear and bring our favourite teddy. Then I will watch the Children in Need programme and send some money."

Josh, Stockport, England

"I'm going to a youth club tonight in my pj's!"

Cerys, Berkshire, England

"As a form at school we are holding a mini school fair with mini enjoyable games. Hopefully it would be fun!"

Shahana, London, England