People are giving less money to charity, according to figures

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Ricky finds out why charities are losing out

Donations to charities have fallen by 20% in 2011/12, according to official figures.

The number of people giving money got smaller, as did the amounts they gave.

Research from the Office of National Statistics shows that people give an average of £10 to good causes every month, compared with £11 a year ago.

Charities say it's really worrying, with some having to cut back on the services they provide because they have less money to spend.

There was also a £1.7 billion fall in the total amount of money given to charities in the UK in the past year.

It's the biggest fall in a single year since the survey of charity donations started eight years ago.

Charities that help children and young people were among the most popular for donations, as well as charities that fund research into illnesses, hospitals and hospices.

On average, the largest donations went to religious charities.

The survey was carried out by the Office for National Statistics, asking 3000 people about how much they gave to charity.