Starlings have a whale of a time in sky over Scotland

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Starlings flocking in the sky.PA
A flock like this is known as a murmuration

A flock of starlings was snapped at the moment they formed the shape of a whale in the sky over Gretna in Scotland.

The birds fly in massive groups like this when they migrate in the autumn.

This spectacular aerial display is known as a murmuration.

Thousands of birds come together and fly in formation as the sun goes down.

Experts think they do this to stop being eaten by predators.

The largest number seen was six million in one flock at a nature reserve in Somerset.

November and December is the best time to see the birds behaving like this.

Caught in action

Last year thousands of starlings were caught on camera performing this amazing display.

Around 100,000 starlings were seen flying over Llanelli Nature Reserve in Wales preparing for the winter.

As the flock swooped and swirled it reminded us of a shoal of fish swimming in the water.

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Watch the amazing aerial display

Amazing shapes

As well as the whale there were loads of different shapes formed as the birds flew over the houses in Scotland.

Check these out and see what you think they look like.

Starlings flocking in the sky.PA
We think this one looks like waves.
Starlings flocking in the sky.PA
Can you see a bird in this?
Starlings flocking in the sky.PA
Looks like a storms coming, we think this one could be a tornado.
Starlings flocking in the sky.PA
This one looks like a big dark cloud hanging over the house.