How safe do you feel cycling?

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He may be a Tour de France winner and Olympic champion, but that didn't stop Bradley Wiggins from getting knocked off his bike.

He's injured some of his ribs in a collision with a car near his home in Wrightington village, near Wigan.

In July, we reported on how there are more cycling accidents on the roads.

We know many of you cycle to school or get on your bikes for fun and exercise.

So we're asking, how safe do you feel cycling in your local area?

What more, if anything, needs to be done to make roads better for bike riders?

This chat page is now closed, but you can read some of your comments below.

Your comments

"I feel very safe even though I cycle on main roads. You must be aware that there are some very careless drivers and don't cycle on main roads unless you are VERY experienced (like me!)."

Amie, Leeds, England

"I feel safe and am safe on my bike. I wear my helmet even if I am not actually on my bike, but I am holding my bike. I cycle on cycle paths and roads. I think just because this has happened I do not think kids should feel unsafe."

Christopher, Andover, England

"I cycle to school each morning and have nearly been hit by a car with the driver on their phone many times. I wish there were more police looking into it."

Hasnain, Lancashire, England

"I feel totally safe as I wear my helmet and know how to signal left and right. I went out with my mum and sister for years because mum didn't trust me, but now I'm older I'm allowed out on my own."

Paige, Dorset, England

"I feel safe when I'm on my bike because I don't go on any busy roads and I also wear a helmet. I don't think much needs to be done to the roads where I live because there are lots of cycle lanes around."

Martha, Plymouth, England

"I feel very safe on my bike because I wear a helmet and I don't ride on busy roads."

Martha, Northampton, England

"I love riding my bike, I ride it to school everyday. There aren't any cycle lanes on the roads and drivers sometimes don't indicate so I don't know which way they are going! I feel unsafe, even with a reflective jacket on."

Maddy, Essex, England

"I think cycling on the road is dangerous. I recommend cycling on the road when you're accompanied by an adult and ALWAYS wear a helmet, the right footwear and bright clothing to be seen."

Sapphire, Hampshire, England

"I think you just need to be safe when you ride. I feel that people are not safe and need to look all around them when they ride."

Aimee, Wiltshire, England

"I love cycling and I feel safe on my bike. But when I have to go on the roads I feel nervous because there are some crazy drivers out there."

Cobster, Worsley, England

"I always feel safe on my bike. I wear a helmet when riding my bike so I do feel quite safe. I think more things should be done to help cyclists."

Molly, Telford, England

Although it helps you to keep fit, I think riding a bike on roads is dangerous and unsafe because vehicles may not be able to see you."

Gabrielle, Durham, England

"I always feel nervous while on the road but I think it depends where you are - it's dangerous where I am because there are so many cars."

Megan, West Midlands, England

"I think that cycling is safe during the day but when it is night we should travel in another way."

Bethan, Ashington, England

"I feel completely safe because I've passed my Bike Ability course."

Rachel, Cambridge, England

"I feel very safe when I ride my bike to school because where I live there are lots of speed bumps which slow down drivers. Also, local people know that children ride their bikes to school so they will try to drive safely."

Priya, Wolverhampton, England

"I cycle to school each morning and have nearly been hit by a car with the driver on their phone many times, I wish there were more police looking into it."

Oliver, Greater London, England

"I don't feel safe at all - the drivers think the road is only for cars, not bikes or pedestrians."

Darren, Glasgow, Scotland

"I feel completely at ease - riding a bike is great because you can get to other places quickly. There will always be a risk of falling of your bike but even crossing the road is risky, so what is the difference?"

Aliya, London, England