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Pictures: America re-elects Barack Obama as president

After a mega-race that began nearly two years ago, and cost more than $2 billion, America has chosen Barack Obama to remain in charge.
After a race that began nearly two years ago, and cost more than $2 billion, millions of Americans queued up to decide whether to re-elect the Democratic president Obama or to give the job to Republican Mitt Romney.
People enter Washington Mill Elementary School to cast their vote in Alexandria, Virginia
Both candidates spoke to lots of people to try and persuade them to vote for their party. At a rally in Ohio, the president acknowledged complaints about how he had handled the economy but told voters "our work is not done yet".
US President Barack Obama greets supporters outside a campaign office in Chicago, Illinois
On the east coast of America, super storm Sandy disrupted voting plans. Temporary polling stations like this one in New York were set up where original sites were destroyed or damaged.
Rockaway resident Jesse James (left) prepares to vote in a makeshift tent set up in the Queens borough of New York City
People in California were able to turn up straight from the surf!
Surfer Mike Wegart, 30, waits to vote at Venice Beach lifeguard station in Los Angeles, California
As the polls began to close the US waited to hear who would be the next president.
Two painted mailboxes in Denver, Colorado
It was thought it would be a really close race, so both sides readied teams of lawyers for possible legal fights, especially in the critical state of Ohio where people are voting here.
Voters cast their ballots in Toledo, Ohio
Huge numbers of reporters, along with our very own Ricky, awaited results as polls suggested a neck-and-neck race.
Members of the media await the results in Boston Massachusetts
In New York the Empire State Building was lit in blue and red to show how each party was getting on.
A general view of the Empire State Building in New York
As polls across the country closed Mr Obama's supporters heard he had won key states Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well as others he had won in 2008.
Supporters of US President Barack Obama celebrate as she watches voting results on election night on November 6, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois
Romney's supporters were also hopeful as they heard he had won solid Republican states, as well as stealing Indiana from Obama.
Romney supporters watch screens at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
It soon became clear that President Obama was going to win, as victory in Ohio meant he had secured the 270 votes in the Electoral College needed to win the race.
Supporters of US President Barack Obama cheer after networks project Obama as reelected
Republican supporters were upset - even though several swing states, including Florida and Virginia, hadn't been decided.
Romney supporters in Boston, Massachusetts
Obama won, despite doubts about how he has run the economy and an expensive campaign by his challenger Romney.
Supporters of US President Barack Obama celebrate
Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, gave a speech saying: "The nation chose another leader, and so Ann and I join with you to pray for him and for this great nation."
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech during his election night rally in Boston, Massachusetts
At the end of a long day, President Obama took to the stage in Chicago with First Lady Michelle and daughters, Malia and Sasha, where he addressed supporters, encouraging them and the whole of the country to 'seize the future' together.
President Barack Obama waves as he walks on stage with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha at his election night party in Chicago
President Barack Obama has been re-elected for America's top job for another four years, beating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. America's first black president has won the 270 votes in the electoral college needed to win the race.
President Barack Obama after his victory speech at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois
Romney criticised Obama's economic record, telling supporters in Virginia: "If you believe America should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired... then I ask you to vote for real change."
Mitt Romney greets workers at call centre on November 6, 2012 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
It was not just in the US that people gathered to follow the results, with election night parties being held in a number of cities, like this one in London!
A woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty poses for photographs during an election party at the US Embassy in London