Cockatoo Figaro, the first parrot to make and use tools

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Cockatoo Figaro learns to make and use tools on his own

Birds might have a reputation for having small brains, but this is one cockatoo who is cleverer than the rest!

Figaro, the goffin cockatoo, has learnt to make and use tools all on his own.

He's really impressed animal behaviour experts in Austria, who say it's the first time they've seen a parrot do anything like it.

Figaro breaks off splinters from a wooden beam with his beak and uses them to reach nuts on the other side of his cage.

Other types of birds such as crows and jays are already known to make and use stick tools.

According to scientists, though, Figaro is the only one of his kind to show the skill.

He's not just a pretty boy then!