Inside a flood defence test tank by Environment Agency

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Nel gets inside a flood defence testing tank

New kinds of flood defences are being tested to see what more can be done to protect people's homes.

Nel's been to visit the Environment Agency, where they use a massive tank to simulate the conditions of a home and a flood.

"What we do is fit the products, then we fill this big tank up full of water," explained Steven Merrett from the agency.

"Then we look at how much water comes through the product."

He added: "We also test the product against wave action and we also test the flow or volume coming against the product."

The Environment Agency warned last week that there could be more flooding in the coming months.

Rivers are full after the wettest April to June on record, which was followed by more rain in July, September and October.

The Environment Agency is the government organisation in charge of looking after rivers and stopping floods in England and Wales.