Lifesize Queen made with sugar by Michelle Wibowo

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Artist Michelle Wibowo talks about her sugar model of the Queen

Believe it or not, this lifesize model of the Queen is made with sugar!

Sugar artist Michelle Wibowo from West Sussex has recreated Her Majesty - as well as a corgi using fruit cake.

She explained: "It's a similar technique to when you use clay, when you sculpt. It's sort of the same thing. It's just stickier!"

It took Michelle 100 hours to make the Queen and corgi, and she used 25kg of sugar for our monarch.

Michelle said: "It's difficult with sugar. You can't keep adding more and more sugar. The more you add, you'll see the joins."

She won gold at the Culinary Olympics in Germany last month.

Her Queen and corgi models are now being saved for special appearances at food exhibitions.