US election: What being a Mormon like Mitt Romney means

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On Tuesday 6th November, Americans will decide whether they want Barack Obama or Mitt Romney to be President.

It's one of the closest races for the White House that there's ever been, and it's not just politics that has an influence on how people vote.

For a lot of Americans, what Obama and Romney believe in, is just as important.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a religion that is a mystery to many people.

To find out more, Leah's been to Lancashire to visit the biggest Mormon temple in Europe.

More about the Mormon religion

  • The first Mormon church was set up in the 1800s in the USA.
  • Its official name is The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints.
  • The church claims to be one of the fastest growing in the world.
  • There are 14 million Mormons around the world, about half of those live in the US.
  • In the UK there are more than 190,000 Mormons.
  • As well the Bible, Mormons follow another religious book, 'The Book of Mormon'.
  • Mormons share a lot of traditional Christian beliefs but America has a special place in their religion. They believe that Jesus visited America after his resurrection.
  • Mormons don't drink tea, coffee or alcohol. Tobacco is also not allowed.