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Pictures: Your trick or treating snaps

You've been sending us your spooky Halloween trick or treating pictures.
Four-year-old Lily and her younger sister Rosie scared everyone in their neighbourhood dressed as wicked witches.
Lily and Rosie
Here's Minnie mouse... as a zombie! Great pic from nine-year-old Palesa.
Palesa dressed as Minnie mouse zombie
Now this is seriously scary! Stephanie has pulled out all the stops with her pink hair and spooky face paint.
It looks like Louisa, Lily and Reuben have just looked in the mirror and seen how spooky they look.
Louisa, Lily and Reuben
Five-year-old Harrison is going for the classic scary vampire look.
Harry is practising his scariest expression with half of his face unzipped and covered in fake blood.
Here's Ciara, Felix, Aisling and Matilda posing in their costumes after they got back from trick or treating.
Ciara, Felix, Aisling and Matilda
Megan couldn't decide whether to go as a zombie or a dracula bride, so she's a combination of both.
Brothers Ross and Joel gave people a fright when they went trick or treating.
Ross and Joel
Daisy decided to dress as a vampire and a cat. Catpire, anyone?
Karis is getting into character as a spooky fairy. If you want to send us your pics, email them to but make sure to put a parents name and number so we can check it's okay to use it.
Conor's sporting a seriously scary dracula costume. Nice fangs!
It must have taken Sailor ages to wrap himself up as a scary mummy.
Finn, Paddy and Erin went all out with their scary costumes and pumpkins for Halloween.
Finn, Paddy and Erin
Sanyu-Jane scared everyone at her Halloween party when she turned up as a scary zombie.
Here's Kate, 10, dressed up as a very stylish witch.
Kate dressed as a witch
Argh!!! And her brother Tom with his scary mask and costume.
Tom as a scarey gargoyle
Here's a very clever outfit. Seven-year-old Sol is dressed as a headless man - how did he manage that?
Seven-year-old Sol dressed as a headless man
Campbell and Hannah from Essex dressed up as a werewolf and zombie. You'd get a fright if you saw them at your school!
Campbell and Hannah from Essex dressed as a werewolf and zombie
Bonnie is a very scary Queen of Hearts.