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Pictures: Your pumpkin pictures

You've been sending in your pumpkin pictures ahead of Halloween - check them out if you dare!
Charlie, Hazel and Mikey from Southampton made this awesome pumpkin snowman.
A pumpkin shaped like a snowman
Elizabeth's dad helped her create this masterpiece of Tiana from the Princess and the Frog film.
Tiana from the Princess and the Frog is shaped in a pumpkin
Sophie's Dr Seuss's The Lorax themed pumpkin must have taken her ages.
Dr Seuss's The Lorax is carved in a pumpkin
Prune from Windsor sent us this one - scary!
A pumpkin eating another pumpkin
Hayley's been busy - but it was certainly worth all the effort. Great job!
Hayley with her pumpkin
William from Maidstone got a little help from his dad to make a pumpkin Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.
A pumpkin with a carving of Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.
Rosie and her brother Daniel carved this Transformers inspired pumpkin with a little bit of help from their dad.
Transformers pumpkin
Louis from Surrey send us this snap of his scary faced pumpkin next to his dad's wicked witch!
Two carved pumpkins
Amy and her family have been busy carving this scary bunch. Spooky!
Pumpkin family.