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Pictures: US 'Super-storm' Sandy in photos

'Super-storm' Sandy has caused widespread flooding, power cuts and damage as it made landfall in eastern America.
New York City was plunged into darkness as the storm caused power cuts in most of the city.
People walk on a dark New York street.
The front of this apartment block in New York was ripped off in high winds during the storm.
Fireman on platform in front of storm damaged building.
Sandy brought strong winds and loads of snow. In West Virginia there was up to three feet of snow.
Digger in the snow.
There was lots of flooding in the financial district in New York. The stock exchange has been shut down for two days because of the storm.
Security guard walks through flood water in the financial district in New York.
The Carey tunnel, which is a major link between the island of Manhattan to the rest of New York state, is flooded after the storm surge brought water onto the island. The subway has also been badly affected.
Flood water rushes into the entrance of the Carey tunnel, New York.
Patients had to be rescued when the power supply at New York University Tisch Hospital failed.
Patient being loaded into and ambulance at New York University Tisch Hospital.
The storm has caused fires in part of New York called Queens.
Fire in Queens seen across the water.
These people decided to wait together in a restaurant until the storm passed.
People in a candle lit restaurant during the storm.
Atlantic City was hit by a storm surge which flooded the area with seawater.
People walk through the flood water in Atlantic City.