What are you doing for Halloween?

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The spookiest night of the year is scarily close and here at Newsround we want to know what you're doing to celebrate Halloween...

Are you going to a Halloween party? Trick or treating?

Maybe you're carving your own pumpkin lantern, wearing fancy dress or making some scary party food?

Or maybe you're doing something completely different? Whatever you're up to let us know know.

Thanks for all your comments, here are a few of your plans.

"I'm going as a vampire and my sisters are going as a cat and a pirate. We are going trick or treating and you'd better watch out because I have some tricks up my sleeve!!!"

Maya, Amble, England

"We are going trick or treating with our friends tomorrow and we are going to a Halloween Spooky Roller Disco on Thursday for my sister's birthday."

Reuben, Somerset, England

"I am going to a Halloween party, and dressing up as Wednesday from the Addams family. I got a rat from my uncle and i am going to scare my friends with it!"

Jet, Newport Pagnell, England

"I am going to the London dungeons with family and friends! Then coming home and trick or treating!"

Megan, Hampshire, England

"I'm having a party and then on real Halloween I'm going trick or treating. I Hope all of you guys on CBBC have a spectacular spooky Halloween and have fun."

Shannon, Eastbourne, England

"I am going trick or treating, and I will be having a special movie/TV show night, watching all Halloween type stuff like Wizards vs Aliens, Wizards of Waverly Place and Shrek!"

Alfie, Chelsea, London

"On Halloween, we are going to go to a scary attraction in Piccadilly Circus called Passage of Terror!!!"

Kardelen & Eda, London, England

"I'm having all my friends round for dinner then we are going out trick or treating, then 3 of my friends are staying for a sleepover. At Halloween, my house is the most visited because you have to put your hand in gunge to get sweets. For dinner we all have green mash (mouldy mash), beans (mouse brains) and thin sausages (witches fingers).

Olivia, Grantham, England

"Amazingly, my mum's birthday is on Halloween, so we might go out to a special Halloween dinner!"

Wasif, Uxbridge, England

"I have got a hilariously spooky prank planned to play on my little sister. I am still practising my witch voice. Can't wait, eee eee eee!"

Isha, Trafford, England

"I'm not going trick or treating this year, I am handing out sweets instead and trying to scare all the trick or treaters! And hoping they don't scare me!"

Madeleine, Derbyshire England

"We're away on holiday in Wales this week, so we will be having a Halloween party in our caravan and we're carving our pumpkins tonight!"

Morgan, Bradford, England

"I am going trick or treating with my mum and dad. I am going to be a zombie, my mum is a witch and my dad is a vampire =)."

Sam, England

We are having a day of the dead party on Friday to celebrate the Mexican festival. We are going to have lots of games and my friends are all coming! I can't wait!

Caitlin, Hunsworth, England

"I'm having a Halloween party and inviting some of my best friends. We have fun games like apple bobbing, a pumpkin piñata, musical mummies and gruesome 'guess what's in the bowl?' My little puppy is going to have a witch's hat on!"

Olivia, Birmingham, England

"When they come to my door and say 'trick or treat', I'm going to do a trick on them and give them mouldy sweets from 6 years ago."

Charlie, Leeds, England

"I am going on a ghost walk."

Harry, Redditch, England

"I have decorated my house with spooky home made decorations, banners, posters and cobwebs."

Mollie, Wimbledon, England

"I am going to have a Halloween party and it is going to be pitch black so nobody can see!!!"

Izzy, Worcester, England

"I'm going trick or treating round my village with my mum, 6 year-old sister who is getting dressed up as a witch and my one year-old sister who is going to be a cat!!! I am going to be a zombie schoolgirl."

Ruby-Mae, York, England

"I have made a cat pumpkin."

Sophie, Bedfordshire, England

"I have organised a Halloween party to which 6 friends are coming to. We will be mummifying, apple bobbing and eating sweets."

Vicky, Hampshire, England

"I am going round the village with my family and friends."

Annabelle, London, England

"I'm going to a Halloween party at my brother's best friend's house and then we are all going trick or treating!!!"

Olivia, Hillingdon, England

"I'm going to a Halloween party tonight and then I'm going to go trick or treating with my brother, tomorrow."

Bethan, West Midlands, England