Should school uniforms be scrapped?

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Children in a classroom

Parents in the UK are paying £50 million too much for their children's school uniform, according to a new report.

The Office of Fair Trading also found that too many head teachers weren't giving their pupils enough choice in where they could buy the items from.

Some items of uniform sold by schools were found to cost more than double the amount they could be bought for in the supermarket.

We asked you what you thought and loads of you got in touch!

Your comments

"School uniforms should be kept as they actually help us concentrate and keep us from being bullied even more if we don't wear 'fashionable' clothing."

Dominic, Camberley, England

"I think we should have school uniform to keep our best clothes for the weekend but for the shops to lower their prices."

Charlotte, Berkshire, England

"I think uniform should stay because in my old school we didn't have uniform and I never had enough clothes. Having uniform means I don't need to spend as much on clothes."

Mel, London, England

"I don't really care because at my school we get non-uniform day on the day we break-up."

Kieran, Manchester, England

"I think we should have uniforms because they make you feel unique to your school and it means people can easily spot you on a school trip if you got lost."

Astrid, Canterbury, England

"I don't think school uniforms should be scrapped because they stop bullying, peer pressure and you don't have to worry about what your going to wear everyday."

Alice, Aylsham, England

"I don't wear school uniform and I think I concentrate better than others."

Oliver, Worthing, England

"We should scrap uniforms so our parents won't take embarrassing pictures of you on your first day!"

Jennifer, Liverpool, England

"I don't think that uniforms should be scrapped because I think that if everyone looks smart, they are more likely to work hard."

Jessica, Staffordshire, England

"I think we should keep school uniform because if we wear our own clothes then we will look scruffy."

Charley, Hull, England

"I think we should scrap uniforms as it costs our parents so much money, and we grow out of them in a few months, so we have to keep buying them."

Holly, England

"I think it should be scrapped because if you lose a piece of clothing like a jumper or blazer at school, you will have to spend more money to replace it, at least if you wear your own clothes and lose it, you can replace easier."

Alfie, London, England

"No way! If you scrap school uniform there is so much pressure on us to wear what's up to date. I hate non-school uniform day's because you feel you have to wear certain things. School uniform takes a lot of pressure off us so we can concentrate in school."

Deb, England

"I think uniforms should be scrapped because children hate them. They also make parents spend extra money on specific things for specific subjects e.g. P.E. But there are some downs for wearing our everyday clothes. Children will start comparing clothes and will make people feel upset that they don't have a certain type/style of clothing."

Aisha, London, England

"I think that school uniform should be kept because it is the one thing that makes everyone equal!"

Aisha, Brighton, England

"I think school uniform should be scrapped because we all have our own style and we only get to wear our own clothes at the weekends and on holidays and we don't get to show off our own style to our friends. Also our parents have to spend so much on our school uniform!"

Rachel, Cheltenham, England

"I think they should be kept because when you're on class trips it helps the class stick together and you can save your best clothes for the weekend."

Martha, Northampton, England

"I think they should be scrapped so children can express themselves."

Ebony, Corby, England

"My school doesn't have school uniform and I think they should be scrapped because what clothes you wear brings out your personality and makes everyone different."

Stella, Cumbria, England

''I want to keep my school uniform because if I got lost on a trip and had a school jumper, someone could tell where you came from."

Amelia, Warrington, England

"Our uniforms do cost quite a lot but I like them too. It would be quite cool to wear whatever we want to school but we might run out of clothes for the weekend!"

Martha, Sussex, England

"I think that uniforms should not be banned but in summer we should have different uniforms because we get to warm."

Rebecca, Leeds, England

"I think that uniforms are too expensive and should be made cheaper or be scrapped."

Joe, Romford, England

"No because people might get bullied for what they wear and with school uniform you don't have to spent hours choosing."

Athina, Crewe, England

"I think school uniform is too expensive but it should be kept because it keeps children from boasting about their clothes, and no one has to keep up with the coolest clothes and the latest fashion."

Jasmine, London, England

"I think they should not be scrapped because people might bully you about your clothes and you have to do a lot more washing up."

Reanne, England

"Getting rid of school uniform is just looking for trouble. It will cause bullying and which child wants to wake up every morning looking for a new set of clothes to wear, because I don't. Some schools don't even allow coloured hair bobbles never mind own clothes. This is a ridiculous idea and should not be considered for the future."

Rachael, Liverpool, England

"I think uniforms should be scrapped because wearing normal clothes shows your type of style."

Jack, Dublin, Ireland

"I don't think that school uniforms should be scrapped as it would raise the amount of bullying which already takes place within schools amongst those who don't have the privilege of expensive clothes. I think it's worth the money parents spend to buy uniforms."

Lauren, Manchester, England

"We think that school uniforms should be scrapped so that mums would not have to spend loads of money and it would be more fun for the kids."

Yasmin & Wendy, England

"I think school uniforms should be scrapped because if we wear our own clothes it will bring out our real personality."

Molly, United Kingdom

"I think school uniform should be kept because if one child is wearing something somebody else didn't like then it could become bullying."

Chloe, London, England

"I think school uniform should be scrapped because it's unfair for parents. My step sister's mum had to pay at least £80 for school uniform."

Kiran, Hove, England

"I think yes, because in the summer we are not allowed to take our jumpers off and I think if children wear suitable clothes there's nothing wrong with it."

Eisha, Walsall, England

"At my school we have to wear the same all the time it is so boring, and it would be more comfortable if we wore that same as we do at home."

Cameron, Devon, England

"No, because if we don't have one people will get picked on for not having the right things."

Rebecca, Leicestershire, England

"I want to keep school uniform because I want to keep my clothes for home nice and neat and clean."

Year 3 class, Wellingborough, England

"I want to scrap school uniform because we won't lose our clothes because they will all be different."

Year 3 class, Wellingborough, England