Red panda cubs out of den at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Last updated at 13:05
Red panda cubCotswold Wildlife Park

Cuteness alert!! Two adorable red panda cubs have finally come out of their den three months after they were born at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

The births were a surprise to keepers, who didn't know mum Scarlet was pregnant!

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Watch one of red panda cubs in action (video from Cotswold Wildlife Park)

The twins are the first red pandas to be born at the park in 10 years.

Red pandas are classified as "vulnerable". It's believed that less than 2,500 remain in the wild across the world.

Red panda cubscotswold wildlife park
The adorable twins have yet to be named

Cotswold Wildlife Park is part of a European breeding programme to help protect the species.

Red pandas are secretive and gentle creatures that spend most of the day sleeping curled up with their tail wrapped around their head! They are usually found in Asia - in China and the Himalayas.