Google maps the Grand Canyon using Street View cameras

Last updated at 11:06
Grand CanyonAP

Google's Street View has gone off-road!

The internet giant has packed its high-tech Street View cameras onto backpacks and taken them around the Grand Canyon in the USA.

The canyon is a 277-mile wide stretch of National Park which follows the Colorado River in the state of Arizona.

The area is a mix of huge mountains, valleys and rivers, which means it's been difficult to map it properly before.

Man using Google street view back packAFP
The Street View cameras - in a backpack!

The company says it hopes the tech will allow more people to trek around the canyon safely.

The special backpacks are stuffed with 15 cameras which snap an image every 2.5 seconds.

The technology isn't ready for volunteers to use but Google has said it now plans to use them to map other hard-to-reach areas - perhaps even Mount Everest.

They've already used taken their high-tech cameras up snow-covered mountains and deep down to the Great Barrier reef.