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Paddling pooches make a splash with award winning photographer

Check out these poochy paddlers by underwater photographer Seth Casteel
The photos have been taken by award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, who has captured the moment the dogs break through the surface of the water to amazing effect.
A golden pooch takes the plunge
Seth Casteel, the photographer said: “My series of underwater photos show a side of dogs we never get to see."
Brown dog
Most of the dogs featured in Seth's book hadn’t been underwater until they met him, and some had never even been swimming!
Black dog
The photos are all from Seth's book, The Amazing Underwater Dog.
Two dogs swimming
Seth used a special waterproof camera case to snap these dogs - but in this piccie we're not sure who is snapping who!
Dog underwater with tennis ball
During his time taking photos of more than 250 dogs Seth papped some 12 week-old puppies and even a wolf!
Dog underwater