Should nicknames be banned?

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The Scouting Association says it is going to ban nicknames because they can be used in bullying.

Shortened names like Freddy if someone is called Frederick are ok, but insulting names to do with what people look like are not allowed.

We want to know what you think. Do you have a nickname?

If so is it something you like and share with your friends or is it a bit mean?

Do you think nicknames should be banned or are they fun and useful?

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Your Comments

"How are you meant to ban nicknames? People will give them anyway, and you can't follow everyone checking."

Kathy, England

"I'm a cub scout and I think that nicknames should not be banned because people have fun using their nicknames."

Anna, Halifax, England

"I think nicknames should be banned because it can hurt other people's feelings."

Lauren, Essex, England

"I think there is a difference between a nickname and an offensive name and also it would be very hard to monitor."

Tilly, England

"As a cub leader I'm hearing nicknames all the time. The idea that nicknames should be banned in the scouting association in my opinion is stupid. Yes, nicknames may be offensive and we stop them, but shortening names is absolutely fine."

Charlie, Bedfordshire, England

"I think it depends on the nickname and the way you take it. My name is Jess and I have ginger hair and people call me 'ginger ninja Jess' but I don't take it the wrong way."

Jess, Yeovil, England

"I'm in scouting and there is no problem in our group, or my old group either. Though if someone doesn't like the nickname they have been given and are being bullied they should tell someone or get help."

Sophie, Derby, England

"I really like nicknames. I think it makes you who you are. I think it is OK for people to use nicknames as long as they like the names they are being given."

Seren, Southampton, England

"I don't think nicknames should be banned. If it was something racist or offensive to their religion, action should be taken, but banning nicknames altogether is just too far."

Alice, Lincolnshire, England

"I think bad and rude nicknames should be banned, but nice nicknames should not be banned."

Ben, Herts, England

"I do not think they should be banned because I love my nickname. My nickname is Imo."

Imogen, Camberley, England

"I'm part of the scout association and I don't think they should be banned. I have been part of the scouting movement since I was a cub. I'm now an explorer and we have had no problems with nicknames."

Jonathon, Swansea, Wales

"My mum calls me 'boo-bear' and 'nenu'. It's weird but shouldn't be banned!"

Alina, London, England

"I think they should only be banned if they are insulting and annoying."

Mariam, Manchester, England

"I think people should be asked first before they go ahead and use a nickname due to issues of bulling. However, nicknames are fine as long as they're not offensive. It helps shorten names."

Zachary, Bradford, England

"I think that nicknames should be banned because me and my friend fell out because of his nickname."

Cameron, England

"I don't think nicknames should be banned because it is a cool way to speak to your friends without people knowing who you're talking to."

Reann, England

"I think nicknames should be banned because they can be very offensive. They can take the mickey out of people's names, and no-one can help their name."

Richard, Barnsley, England

"If the nickname is funny and the person likes it then it is perfectly fine, but if it isn't very nice then it should be banned. My brother's nickname is 'sheep' - but he is OK with that and thinks it's funny."

Christina, Inverness, Scotland

"Nicknames are good if used in the right place at the right time."

Jasmina, Dorset, England

"We think nicknames should not be banned because if someone has a long name, their name could be shortened. Also, family members and friends like to call people by their nicknames through the love they have for them. However people should be careful about what they call a person. They should respect other peoples choices about whether they would like to be called by a certain nickname or not."

Class 4AI, London, England

"I think nicknames should not be banned because people might want one. For example, I have a friend called Madeline and people call her Maddie."

Laura, Newbury, England

"I think that nicknames should be allowed, because if you don't really like your name then you can just make up a nickname for it. Anyway, if someone is saying something offensive to you, then you should just ask them to stop."

Carol, Croydon, England

"I feel nicknames are cool. It lets you and your friends have a closer friendship, because you can call your friend something no-one else says to them. It feels special."

Alicia, High Wycombe, England

"To be honest it depends what the nickname is. If it's a shortened name or a funny nickname then fine, but if it's used to insult someone then you shouldn't use them anyway."

Ellie, Rotherham, England

"I don't think nicknames should be banned because most of them are fun and friendly and affectionate names. They can be handy if you have a long name and if people do bully you about it just tell them to stop."

Faye, Cambridge, England

"One of my friends at school sometimes calls me 'Smalley', because I'm small - but I am not in any way offended. She and I both now that it's just a joke and neither of us take it seriously. I would not like it if somebody I didn't really know called me 'Smalley'' because I wouldn't know if they were joking or not. If I ever decided I have had enough of that nickname I would just ask her to stop and I know she would."

Rochelle, Port Erin, Isle of Man

"I don't think nicknames should be banned because they are fun to use sometimes."

Charlie, Shrivenham, England

"If the person can take it then it's OK but if the person doesn't like it then it's not. It all depends on the actual person who the nickname belongs to."

Jess, Birmingham, England

"I think that you should have to ask the person if they want a nickname but if it's not nice then yes, I think they should be banned."

Emily, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I don't think nicknames should be banned because they can be fun, and it can be useful if you have a long name."

Louise, Geneva, Switzerland

"I think that nicknames should be banned because if it is used in bullying then it can hurt someone else's feelings and if you do ban nicknames bullying could reduce."

Leila, Bolton, England

"I think nicknames shouldn't be banned, it's just like another name - like if your name was Alexander and your friends called you Alex that is okay."

Amna, Rochdale, England

"My nickname is Zii but i think that is OK. Nicknames should not be banned but if someone does not like the nickname they are called, they should speak up and tell the person who is calling them that."

Zia, London, England

"I think nicknames should be allowed because they are just a bit of fun and me and my friend have nicknames, but nobody bullies us. We like our nicknames and don't think they should be banned!"

Tess, Suffolk, England

"I don't think nicknames should be banned because it's not as if there is a law against them. If people get offended, or if it's really rude, like swear words, then some legal action should be taken."

Keira, Rugby, England