Chat: Are footie matches too expensive?

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The average price of the cheapest ticket in league footie has gone up from £19.01 to £21.24 in the past year, according to a BBC Sport survey.

They've looked at prices for 166 clubs in 10 divisions across British football, including the Conference Premier and Women's Super League.

They've discovered that the most expensive adult match-day ticket is for Arsenal at £126.

The cheapest in British football is at Montrose in Scotland for £6.

There are worries that prices are going up too quickly, meaning some fans might not be able to afford a ticket to the game.

Are footie matches too expensive?

We wanted to know what you think - do you think tickets to footie games are too pricey?

How much do you or your parents have to cough up on match-day?

Do high costs mean you, your family or your mates are put off from seeing your favourite team play?

Your comments

"Football games are definitely too expensive and the prices need to go down. My team, Arsenal, are too expensive and even my local team Yeovil Town are expensive and they are League One."

Joseph, Dorset, England

"I think it depends on the quality of the players."

Jamie, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think that it is not too pricey, I only have to pay £12 to watch Cardiff."

Charlie, Cardiff, Wales

"If football prices get any higher people will eventually lose interest, especially as people are struggling with money."

Eleanor, Kent, England

"I think football match tickets should be a lot less money for children. Children under 10 should be let in for free to encourage children in the future."

Kiera, Dunfermline, Scotland

"I don't think it is expensive if people only go once in a while, but if they go to every match, then yes, it is too expensive."

Hazel, Nottingham, England

"I think football ticket prices are too expensive. Me, my brother and my dad all like football but we hardly get to go to matches because of the prices."

Megan, Bolton, England

"I think the prices of football matches should be reduced and reasonable."

Hussain, Birmingham, England

"I think prices are going up too much and these clubs are demanding too much money for a what could be a nice day out. They get enough money from selling football players!"

Ishrat, London England

"I think the prices for football tickets are really expensive and they should be lowered. I'm lucky because my family can afford football tickets but some of my friends are not as lucky and cannot afford it ."

Libby, Shipston on Stour, England

"For me and my dad to watch Liverpool together it is something like £54. I think it should be at the most £15 for adults and £5 for children."

Chloe, Hereford, England

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