UEFA and FIFA should act on football racism says Clarke Carlisle

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Ricky chats to Clarke Carlisle about racism in football

The head of the Professional Footballers' Association says UEFA need to act to tackle racism in football.

His comments come after players from England's Under-21 team say they were racially abused by fans during their Euro 2013 play-off victory against Serbia.

Clarke Carlisle said; "In this situation it's down to UEFA and FIFA to actually have a positive and direct action on what happened."

England won the match 1-0 but after the final goal was scored fans ran on the pitch and fighting broke out between the two sides.

Captain Jordan Henderson said: "There was a lot of racist abuse out there from the stands and a lot going on after the game."

The FA have officially complained about the incident to UEFA.

After the game, Henderson also said; "There were also stones, coins and seats getting thrown at us,

"What happened wasn't nice and is not called for in football."

It's not the first time the the Serbian Football Federation have been in trouble for racist behaviour.

They were fined in 2007 after their supporters racially abused one of England's players at the Under-21 European Championship.